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The Westing Game

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The Westing Game is about the 16 heirs to a man called Sam Westing. Sam Westing didn't die of natural causes; he was murdered! The heirs have to find out who killed Westing, but it's not as easy as you think. One of the heirs is a bomber, one is a bookie, one is a thief, and one is a mistake (this person is not really an heir). So the game is on, but who killed Westing? It was... oh, sorry, can't tell you. You have to read the book to find out which heir wins the 200 million dollar prize. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a great mystery.   

The main characters and a 1 word discription!

Madame Hoo, cook
Jake Wexler, bookie
Flora Baumbach, Dressmaker
Turtle Wexler,Financier
Christos Theodorakis, ornithologist
Denton Deere, intern
J.J. Ford, Judge
Alexander McSouthers, Doorman
Grace Windkoppel Wexler, Restauranteur
James Hoo, inventor
Berthe Erica Crow, mother
Otis Amber, deliverer
Douglas Hoo, Champ
Theo Theodorikis, writer
Sydelle Palaski, victim
Angela Wexler, Bride


The setting of this story is in Sunset Towers Apartment buildind in Westingtown,Michigan.

Free Reading Presentation Questions!

1. Title: The Westing Game
Author: Ellen Raskin
2. This story was told in third person. I know this because in the following sentence the author does not use first person words like I or Me, she uses words suchs as hec and his.
" Theo protested: He and his brother brother should be paired together; Chris was in his responsibility."
3. Turtle Wexler, age 12, is a snobby little girl with long golden brown hair, neatly braided. Although Turtle is snobby she is very clever.
4. One type of conflict is external, The 16 heirs are searching for the murderer. Another type of conflict is internal because turtle cannot figure out who the real Sam Westing is.
5. In present time in Westingtown, Michigan. The mood of this story is very mysterious.
6. Cleverness is the theme of the book because the charecters needed to be clever to win the game and the 2 million dollar prize.
7. Yes I enjoyed this book because its a great mystery with lots of twists and turns. The suspence is astounding,and the story is unpredictable.

" Hi, Sandy," Turtle said," I won!"
Turtle Wexler said this to Mr. Eastman. This quote is important because it is what Turtle said to Mr.Eastman when she won the game ( she was the cleverest out of 16 heirs)

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